DIY Marble Necklace

DIY Marble Necklace @themerrythoughtI stumbled across these amazing marble penny tiles online a couple months ago and ordered a sheet because I knew I needed to find a few projects to use them in. This necklace was the first project I tried out! I was nervous about things gettin’ real with this sheet of metal but it went surprisingly well! You can definitely do this! And then you can wear your favorite material instead of just serving drinks on it or hanging it on your wall or cutting cheese on it.
DIY Marble Necklace @themerrythoughtWhat you need:
-Brass Metal Sheet (Bought mine at Michael’s)
-Jeweler’s Saw
File Block and Clamp
-Metal Files
-30″ Chain
-Jump Rings
Marble Tile

How to make it:
-Use a sharpie to draw out the shape on the metal.
-Use a jeweler’s saw to cut out the shape.
-File edges smooth.
-Drill holes in the top corners of the metal.
-Attach 30″ chain using jump rings and pliers.
-Add the marble tile by putting a small amount of epoxy on the back.
-Let cure according to directions.
DIY Marble Necklace @themerrythought DIY Marble Necklace @themerrythought DIY Marble Necklace @themerrythoughtCan’t wait to use these in a few more upcoming projects!

xo. Caitlin

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