DIY Mini Copper & Marble Shelves

DIY Marble Shelf @themerrythought Some days I go to Lowe’s or Home Depot just to spend an hour looking through the aisles hoping that some new project will just pop out at me. Last week I was wandering through the plumbing/pipes aisle and I saw these copper plated tubing hooks and this mini shelf idea popped in my head. I decided to try it out with some dark marble and I think they make the perfect addition to my room. They’d be a great option to organize some beauty supplies in your bathroom as well!

At under $2 each and just a few minutes to put together, they’re the best kind of DIY!
DIY Marble Shelf @themerrythought What you need:
3×8″ Marble
Copper plated tubing hook
-Heavy duty glue
-*Optional: leather strip

How to make it:
Use a generous amount of glue along the flat bottom part of the copper and lay your marble on top. You may want to glue a strip of leather (or any sturdy material – I just had extra leather nearby) across both copper ends to give it extra support. Let it dry overnight and then hang them up!
DIY Marble Shelf @themerrythought DIY Marble Shelf @themerrythought DIY Marble Shelf @themerrythought DIY Marble Shelf @themerrythought DIY Marble Shelf @themerrythoughtDIY Mini Copper & Marble Shelf @themerrythought I kind of want to fill my entire wall with these! What do you think of these mini shelves?

xo. Caitlin

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