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Today we are super excited to introduce you to a lovely new blogging friend of ours, Courtney. She is a gorgeous, creative lady with super style. And she made a fun DIY to share with us today!
Always Rooney - Guest Post My name is Courtney, I am currently a college student living in the Midwest. I spend most of my time creating, doodling, hanging outdoors and blogging. Most of the time I am practicing new skills and sharing them on my blog, Always Rooney. I’m excited to share with you a DIY on The Merrythought, I always enjoy reading what Marla, Caitlin and Manda have to share!
DIY Macrame Fringe ClutchDIY Macrame Fringe Clutch What you’ll need:
-Fabric (I used some fabric I picked up in India)
-Sewing machine or needle & thread
-Embroidery thread

How to make it:
Clutch: Fold one side of your rectangle over half way, then sew two sides of your fabric, you can do this by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine. If your fabric has raw edges, sew around the edge to prevent fraying.

Macrame Fringe: Cut 24 strips of embroidery thread about 20 inches long each. Thread two pieces through the bottom of the clutch every inch or so. You should end up with 12 lines of thread hanging down. Take the first and third sections of thread and knot together. Do this again with the second and fourth. Repeat until every line is knotted together. Once that row is finished, tie the bottom row together by taking half of one strip and tie it to half of the next strip beside it (see photo).
DIY Macrame Fringe ClutchDIY Macrame Fringe Clutch Now you have a cute clutch to carry around your summer essentials! I’ll be carrying around my film camera, notebook & pencil and my chapstick.
DIY Macrame Fringe ClutchDIY Macrame Fringe Clutch Thank you so much for sharing this adorable DIY with us, Courtney!
Be sure to stop over and check out her blog!

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