DIY Lavender Pillow Spray

Since we went to Carmel Valley Ranch last summer I’ve been obsessed with lavender everything. I ran out of the lavender pillow spray that they gave us while we were there and I’ve been determined to try to recreate it. I grew a big bush of lavender this year in the garden and every time I harvested a bundle of it I was reminded that I needed to take the time to make some of the spray. I finally worked on a batch a couple weeks ago and I’m so happy with how it turned out! I’ve been using it every night! I usually use a couple spritzes on my pillow and then diffuse a bit of lavender essential oil before going to bed. It’s a nice little bedtime ritual.DIY Lavender Pillow Spray @themerrythoughtWhat you need:
3 tbsp witch hazel
10 drops lavender essential oil
4 tbsp lavender hydrosol (You can buy it or make it – I made mine)
(**You can skip the hydrosol and just add a bit more witch hazel, distilled water, and few extra drops of essential oil but I feel like the hydrosols definitely give it more of that natural, herby scent that I like.)
Distilled water
Glass jar with lid
Two – 2 oz spray bottles
Sticker paper

Add witch hazel and essential oil to large jar and shake to combine. Add hydrosol to mixture. Shake. Separate evenly between the two spray bottles. Top off with distilled water. Shake before each use. DIY Lavender Pillow Spray @themerrythoughtDIY Lavender Pillow Spray @themerrythoughtxo. Caitlin

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