DIY Branch Table Lamp

Oh lights. They are one of my “house struggles”.  I live in an old farmhouse with basically no ceiling lights, and I’m a person who needs bright lighting, so I need a good number of lamps around.  I can never seem to decide on lighting and lamps that I like.  Or the ones I do like are way out of my price range.  The table lamp we’ve had in our living room has been bothering me for quite some time – I just can’t seem to find a shade that works well with the base.  So I decided it was time to make our own.  I’m so happy with our new branch lamp – and it was a quick and cheap DIY to whip up (or have Mike whip up…).
DIY Branch Table Lamp @themerrythought
What you need:

  • branch
  • light socket
  • lamp shade
  • light bulb
  • extension cord
  • wood for lamp base – we used reclaimed lumber
  • hand saw
  • scroll saw
  • drill (with long bit and forstner bit)
  • diagonal pliers (or any kind of cutting pliers)
  • wood glue
  • screwdriver

How to do it:


    • Using the hand saw, cut your branch to the desired size.  
    • Using a drill with a long drill bit, drill a hole down the middle of your branch (this is where the wire will run through).  Make sure the drill bit you use is big enough so the cord will fit through and that the bottom tip of the light socket can fit in.  (You many need to make the very top of the hole bigger for the bottom tip of the light socket to fit in).  


    • Cut your wood base to size (if needed) and into whatever shape you’d like, using the scroll saw.
    • Measure the diameter of the bottom of your branch.
    • Using the drill and the forstner bit, drill a hole in the base where the branch will sit down in.
    • If needed, cut the bottom of the branch to size to fit into the center hole.
    • Drill a hole in the side of your wood base to the center hole (where the cord will come out).


    • Cut a notch in the bottom of the branch, this is for the cord to go through.  


    • Using the diagonal pliers, cut the end off the extension cord.
    • Slide the cut cord through the hole in the side of the base up through the center hole.


    • Then slide the cord through the branch.
    • Set the branch into the hole in the base, using wood glue to secure.
    • Cut the end of the extension cord, right down the middle where the seam is, into two. Strip the end of the wires.


    • Take apart the light socket and slide the bottom piece onto the cord.
    • Next, take the piece that has the screws on it and loosen the screws slightly. Wrap each end of the stripped wire around each screw (2).


  • Tighten the screws.
  • Slide the remaining pieces of the socket on so the socket is put back together.
  • Gently pull the cord down at the base of the lamp, until the socket is sitting in the hole at the top of the branch.
  • Put in light bulb and shade.

DIY Branch Table Lamp @themerrythought
DIY Branch Table Lamp @themerrythought
DIY Branch Table Lamp @themerrythought
Have you seen any good lamps out there lately?? I’ll be needing a few more…

Enjoy this weekend! Manda

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