DIY Cardboard Camper Playhouse

DIY Cardboard Camper Playhouse @themerrythought We all wish we had a sweet vintage airstream camper to take with us on our cross country travels, right? Sadly, we can’t all pack it up and head out on an adventure so I decided to make a mini version using old cardboard. The boys can have unlimited adventures in this little playhouse!
DIY Cardboard Camper Playhouse @themerrythought What you’ll need:
-Box Cutter
-Duct Tape
-Paint brush

How to do it:
I have no exact measurements for this… just start cutting and taping! Here is a bit of what I did though: I broke down two big boxes and taped along the seams (?) to give it extra support. These would be the two long sides. Then I cut another piece of cardboard the length of the sides for the top. I bent/curled it so the top would look rounded and then I laid all three pieces face down (if your boxes had writing on the outside this should be facing up because you will want it on the inside of the trailer.) Then I taped them together along the edges on the front and back sides and flipped it over so it was resting on top of two chairs. On both ends, along the rounded top, I cut 5 slits into the cardboard, overlapped the pieces at each cut and taped in place to make it rounded downwards. Then I cut out pieces of cardboard for the ends and taped them in place along the inside and outside. You will have to bend/curl the top part of the ends so that they fit up under the curved top. I cut out windows and a door and then I painted it and while it was drying I cut out and painted a few extras: a hitch, lights, license plate, and I printed a little Airstream logo (because I’m too lazy to paint it!)
DIY Cardboard Camper Playhouse @themerrythought DIY Cardboard Camper Playhouse @themerrythought DIY Cardboard Camper Playhouse @themerrythought DIY Cardboard Camper Playhouse @themerrythought DIY Cardboard Camper Playhouse @themerrythought The boys have been obsessing over it since I first started taping it together and I’m sure Dad and Manda are thrilled to have this huge thing in their house… you’re welcome! 😉

*Wall decals from Urban Walls

xo. Caitlin

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