Postal Pix @themerrythought If having more photos printed isn’t one of your new year resolutions, it should be! There is something so incredible about being able to actually hold your photos and display them in a time that we all have thousands of them stored away on our phones and computers (with faith that they won’t crash and we’ll lose all of our photos.)
Postal Pix @themerrythought PostalPix is a free app you can download on your phone and easily upload photos from your camera roll to order prints of and they’ll be on your door step in just a few days! No hassle.
Postal Pix @themerrythoughtPostal Pix @themerrythought Aside from normal prints, they also offer aluminum prints which come with thick, double-sided mounting tape for your wall and magnets for your refrigerator. We added ours to our wall gallery! These are amazing if you have little ones running around and… destroying things. They’re easy to clean off if they somehow manage to get dirty 😉 and they’re impossible for those little hands to crinkle/tear apart.
Postal Pix @themerrythoughtPostal Pix @themerrythoughtPostal Pix @themerrythought We are absolutely in love with the batch that we got! And luckily for all of you lovely readers, PostalPix is offering 20% off all orders until Thursday, January 9th with the code merry20.

We know you’ve got your phone right next to you… download the app and get some photos ordered! No excuses.

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