Small Christmas Tree + Simple DIY Wooden Ornaments

For the last 4 or 5 years, we’ve had some kind of small tree in addition to our real Christmas tree. I usually tend to pick something a little more ‘Charlie Brown’ style; last year’s was a simple bare branch, other years they look pretty similar to the one in this post. I’ve been wanting to plant more trees around our property, so this year’s small tree is one I’m hoping will survive (I’m terrible at remembering to water my plants regularly!) and then can be planted (and survive after that!). The longer this little guy has been sitting in my living room though, the more I’m liking having only a small tree. (I’m turning into my mother – hey mom!👋🏼) I’m not sure I can get the boys on board with it…each year on our tree hunt I try to find a small, scraggly tree; but I’m always out-voted in favor of a big, full tree. 😜
I’m keeping this year’s small tree simple by wrapping the bottom in kraft paper (it’s a paper bag – so easy!), tied with black twine, and decorated with some very simple-to-make wooden ornaments. Watch the video below to see the making of the ‘tree skirt’ and ornaments – I’ve included written out steps below as well for those that prefer that.Small Christmas Tree + Simple DIY Wooden Ornaments @themerrythoughtKraft Paper Wrapped Tree: rip the top half off a brown paper bag. Crinkle paper bag slightly (to give it a more weathered, rustic look), place tree in bag and tie with black twine.
Small Christmas Tree + Simple DIY Wooden Ornaments @themerrythoughtWooden Ornaments:
– wooden beads (I used hexagon and round)
– jute twine
– scissors

Directions: Cut off small strand of twine and string through bead. Knot ends and trim off excess twine.Small Christmas Tree + Simple DIY Wooden Ornaments @themerrythought
What do you do for a Christmas tree? Real or faux? Big or small? Or some of both??


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