DIY Tin Bell Garland

Manda has a tiny garland of tin bells that pairs so sweetly with simple greenery for the perfect Christmas decor. While I was searching on Amazon a couple weeks ago I found a few different kinds of tin bells that I always look for at craft stores and antique shops and fail to find! I ordered a batch to use for a couple DIY projects but just had to start off with a garland of my own! Under five minutes to put together and I can’t wait to use it after the holidays too!What you need:
-Tin Bells (I used these but you could try these or these too!)

How to make it:
-Cut jute to desired garland length.
-Tie loops in the ends of the jute to use to hang from and trim ends.
-Attach bell to the jute by pulling a loop of the jute through the loop of the bell then grabbing the other ends of the jute through the jute loop, pulling it all through and pulling it tight.
-Repeat for each bell.
Now I can’t stop singing “Ding, dong, ding, dong. Christmas bells are ringinggg.”


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