DIY: How to do an Herbal Facial Steam

DIY: How to do an Herbal Facial Steam @themerrythoughtI’m finally feeling back to normal after a couple weeks of an annoying cold… you know the ones where you aren’t sick enough to justify lying in bed all day but just sick enough to constantly be aware of how uncomfortable you are. Ha! During the worst of it, I was trying out a few different “recipes” for doing herbal facial steams at home before bed when I felt super congested. I have a little foot bath thing that I soak my feet in at least two times each week during the winter because I can’t commit to a full on bath every night and I think these steams might be in the regular rotation too now. It makes your skin feel amazing! And it definitely helps break up all that gunk if you’re feeling sick.DIY: How to do an Herbal Facial Steam @themerrythoughtWhat you need:
-Large bowl
-Filtered water
-Organic Herbs (you can use fresh or dried)

For Relaxation:

For Fresh Skin:

For Congestion:
Fresh Rosemary
Fresh Lemon Peel
(Garlic if you’re feeling super congested/brave)

How to do it:
-Boil water.
-Add the boiling water and herbs to the bowl – cover bowl and let herbs steep for 5 minutes.
-Cover your head with a towel with your face over the bowl – to form a little tent. (Make sure the steam isn’t too hot.) *You will want to remove make-up before beginning.
-Close your eyes and breathe in and out the steam for 10 minutes.
-Pat face dry after and apply toner.
DIY: How to do an Herbal Facial Steam @themerrythoughtDIY: How to do an Herbal Facial Steam @themerrythought-Caitlin

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