DIY Explorer Activity Kit

DIY Explorer Activity Kit @themerrythought Did you ever see the Child’s Activity Kits that Anthropologie used to carry? They are so incredibly adorable! I decided to make a little explorer kit of my own to give to Lincoln for Christmas. He may have seen it when he helped me with this shoot but I told him it was a blog project – luckily he said he really, really wanted one for himself!
DIY Explorer Activity Kit @themerrythoughtDIY Explorer Activity Kit @themerrythought I used a travel bar case that I thrifted to house my activity kit but you could use a normal small suitcase or briefcase instead. I filled it with some string, jars, scissors, pocket knife, pencil, notebook, canvas pouch, butterfly & moth identifying book, magnifying glass, binoculars, compass, flashlight and matches. Of course, you may need to change these items to make them age appropriate for younger kids. I super glued a wood cover (with some thin wood from Michael’s) with a drawing to the front of the case as a little cover. You might be able to paint directly on your case depending on the material.
DIY Explorer Activity Kit @themerrythoughtDIY Explorer Activity Kit @themerrythoughtDIY Explorer Activity Kit @themerrythought Give it to a little explorer and set them free!

xo. Caitlin

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14 thoughts on “DIY Explorer Activity Kit”

  1. This is incredible! I think it might be better than the original. I would love to include it in my Kids’ Gift Guide this year – do I have your permission to use an image, if I link it back to your site and give proper credit?

  2. I’ve been collecting all the bits and pieces needed to make up such a kit for my wee grandson – including a lovely vintage pair of binoculars in original leather pouch. Now you’ve shown me how to put it all together.Thanks!

  3. I’m setting out to make some of these this year. :) Where did you get the leather straps? And was the case thrifted? Thanks for this awesome idea, my sons, and nephews, and niece will love them!

    1. Thanks! This was actually a vintage travel bar case that I thrifted so the straps were already included.

      We’d love to see the ones that you make once they’re done!

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