DIY Cinder Block Table

Cinder Block Table @themerrythought I have been working hard to clean out and streamline my apartment lately. My “dining room”/breakfast nook area off my kitchen had a big table in it that was hardly ever used – the ceiling in there is pretty short so it feels cramped when there’s a lot of stuff or people in there. My living room is a better room for hosting so that’s where we usually eat when people come over. I finally decided to get rid of the table taking up most of this area and make a little space that I would actually use! I really wanted to make a big version of the hanging table but I knew my landlord wouldn’t be thrilled with me drilling more holes in the ceiling. So I grabbed some cinder blocks and whipped up this table. It’s the perfect spot for breakfast on lazy days or editing photos on late nights – plus the cinder blocks are great for extra storage and display!
Cinder Block Table @themerrythought All you need are four cinder blocks (under $2 at Lowe’s) and a board cut to size for your space. Stack them and you’re good to go!
Cinder Block Table @themerrythought Cinder Block Table @themerrythought Cinder Block Table @themerrythoughtIt’s super simple and it’s perfect for what I need right now! Until I have a house and the space for a big table that my dad will surely build for me… ;)

What do you think about using cinder blocks in your home decor? I’m thinking of making some shelving units using them!

xo. Caitlin

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7 thoughts on “DIY Cinder Block Table”

  1. I’ve actually been toying with the idea of making something similar for my living room table. I’d probably go quite nicely with my industrial spool table I’ve already got in there!

  2. It looks like you placed this on a carpeted surface. I just did this for my guest room/office and the carpet is making the cinder blocks a little rickety. Any advice on how to secure them or level them out? Thanks!

    XO Alison

    1. Hmm… I didn’t have any trouble because the carpet that mine is on is really low. I would probably try a small piece of wood or a wedge under the front of the cinderblock to help lean everything back towards the wall a bit for stability.

      1. Thanks! I was able to get the table to be a little more steady – I spaced the cinder blocks apart slightly bit further, and once I put the computer monitor and a few other things on top, it became much more sturdy. Will post some pics soon!

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