How To: Modern Boys Haircut

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Today I’m going to share a simple tutorial on how to cut a modern boys haircut at home! Before reading this post, you must know – I have no formal training in any sort of cosmetology (which will probably be obvious to any of you that are!) But I have cut my own hair and many of my friends’ hair for many years. I won’t know any of the technical terms and I won’t be doing it by the textbook, but this technique works for me and I thought it would be fun to share.

This is a really simple, modern haircut for any of the handsome little guys in your life. I love it on the three little guys because they always want their heads shaved for summer because it’s just too hot but it makes me so sad when their long hair is gone. This is the best of both worlds and the boys seem to like it! It’s basically a slightly grown out version of a pompadour fade with a little less hair on top because these boys would not be into styling their hair every day.

photos of haircutting supplies sitting on a chair and a boy getting his hair combed and sprayed with a water bottle
boy getting his hair cut with buzzers
boys sitting and getting his hair cut

How to Cut a Modern Boys Haircut at Home:



-Separate the section on top that you want to leave long. I used a spray bottle to get just that section wet and keep it out of the way.
-Use a #4 to cut the bottom half. As you get to the round of the head, start to pull away. The top part of the bottom section should look strangely long at this point.
-Use a #3 along the bottom part of this section, pulling away earlier than you had with the four to help fade it in.
-Use a comb and the #3 to blend in the top part of the bottom section. Angle it down towards the head and run the clippers along the comb.
-Take the razor (with no attachment) and use it to tidy up the hairline along the back and sides.
-Use scissor to trim around the ears and blend the sideburns. Then use the comb, the top pointing in towards the top of the head, to pull the hair out and then trim at an upwards, inwards angle.
-Now you can start cutting the hair in the top section. First use the spray bottle to get the hair damp. Pull the hair straight up and trim off how much you want (depends on how short you want the top) and then I use the scissors to cut down into the hair to help with texture (or something like that.. Ha!)

You can also go really short on the sides for a more drastic look.

The instructions can be a bit confusing so here is a little video to walk your through the steps:
(Don’t mind the crying half way through… sometimes getting your haircut is just too much to handle for a tired, hungry little guy… Ha!)

boy in blue long sleeve shirt smiling to the side in front of a white wall
boy in front of white wall looking over shoulder to the side

xo. Caitlin

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