To Our Email Subscribers…

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Just a little update for those that had been subscribed to our blog through email.  We’ve had some slight issues with our email subscription account (like Google totally deleting our account…um, cool Googs, cool.), and the old system stopped working.  We now (hopefully) have it up and running again.  And hopefully Google doesn’t delete our account again!  So if you subscribed to us by email, you’ll need to do it again.
And for those that don’t, you should!  You can get our blog posts sent right to your inbox.  You’ll get an email once a day with the posts that have gone up that day. (If we don’t post that day, no email.  If we do 7 posts, they’ll all come in one email, so your inbox won’t be overrun with emails.)

To subscribe by email, click on the gray box over to the left that says “subscribe by email”.  Enter your email address and hit enter.  A new window will open with the steps to follow to become a subscriber.  Easy-peasy and you’ll never miss one of our fabulous posts again! 🙂


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