DIY Gold Dot Shoes

Crop Top Style | The Merrythought It was sooo muggy yesterday! My always overheated body just could not handle it! So I stayed inside to relax after a weekend of crazy wedding festivities (which was incredible by the way!) and I decided to do some crafting which included adding some dots to these plain kicks that I picked up at an estate sale last week.
DIY Embellished Shoes | The Merrythought What you need: Plain shoes, gold fabric paint, and a pencil.

How to do it: Lightly draw out the dots that you want on your shoe, use the fabric paint to go over each pencil dot and then let it dry according to directions. I added a little paint around the trim too.
DIY Embellished Shoes | The MerrythoughtStyle | The MerrythoughtCrop Top Style | The MerrythoughtCrop Top Style | The MerrythoughtDIY Embellished Shoes | The MerrythoughtStyle | The MerrythoughtStyle | The Merrythought top, shorts, bracelets, rings – vintage thrifted, necklace – diy

I keep going back and forth on whether or not I want to replace the shoe laces with gold ribbon… another day maybe.

Hope you’re enjoying the last week of August! This is the first week that I feel like I have been able to breathe and relax in quite a while, so I’ve certainly been enjoying mine!


xo. Caitlin


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