Summer Picnic

Creekside Picnic @themerrythoughtThe cold water swirls around our ankles, offering a bit of refreshment on this warm day. We wade across the shallow creek, our eyes searching for the perfect spot. Making our way onto the banks we unroll the blanket and begin unpacking the basket; laying out bowls of fruit and some fresh bread. Laughing together we recall the moments that filled our journey here.Creekside Picnic @themerrythoughtCreekside Picnic @themerrythoughtAfter our simple lunch has filled us, we lay back, staring at the treetops swaying in the gentle breeze. The sunlight shimmers through the leaves, captivating. We listen to the rippling creek and the birds calling, the essence of the perfect summer day. These days are fleeting…we want to savor each moment, to soak up the warmth, the scents and the sounds of summer. We want this day, this minute to live forever in our hearts.Creekside Picnic @themerrythoughtCreekside Picnic @themerrythoughtCreekside Picnic @themerrythoughtThe walk back begins, the foliage surrounds so thickly our path is barely visible. The air is cooler and filled with the scent of pine. Our steps are slower; we’re reluctant for this time to end. A rest is in order, really just a delay to make this time last a little longer. We relax on fallen logs, sipping the last of the lemonade, enjoying the togetherness. The afternoon is quickly turning into evening and our journey homes is inevitable.
And as we continue on the path home, our thoughts filled with our time spent together, our hearts are full and content. We’re thankful for friendship, for good food, for afternoons spent adventuring and sunlight filled days.

These are some extra photos from an article we styled, photographed, and wrote for 585 Magazine. You can see more over here. Or subscribe to the magazine here.

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