Baked Brie with Pomegranate and Thyme

Hello December, hello holiday gatherings and hello tables full of delicious food! With all the busyness this time of year brings, it’s nice to have a few easy, tasty recipes on hand for holiday gatherings you might be hosting or attending, like this baked brie with pomegranate and thyme.

This gooey, melty cheesy appetizer is quick to throw together, and adds a nice festive touch to a food table! And it’s sooo good, because it’s ooey, gooey melty cheese, in case you missed that! This would would work with with brie or camembert cheese.  And of course, you don’t have to bake it/serve it in the wooden box, I just thought it was a nice touch (just make sure the box is secured with staples and not glue if you’re going to bake it in the box). But you definitely should be making, serving, and eating this! 😉Pomegranate & Thyme Baked Camembert @themerrythoughtPomegranate & Thyme Baked Camembert @themerrythoughtBaked Brie with Pomegranate and Thyme 

Brie cheese
pomegranate seeds
fresh thyme
crusty bread

Preheat oven to 350ºF. Remove paper from cheese, slice the top layer of rind off the cheese, and place back in box. Place cheese on a baking sheet (I recommend lining sheet with foil, the cheese will probably leak some). Sprinkle cheese with thyme leaves. Bake for about 10 minutes, or until cheese is gooey & melty. Remove from oven, transfer to serving platter and top with pomegranate seeds. Serve immediately with bread or crackers.

*You’ll need more thyme & pomegranate seeds on your brie than what I have pictured (I added more when we ate it!). Either pile it on, or if you like the look of it with less, just have more pomegranate seeds & thyme on the side to add to individual servings.Pomegranate & Thyme Baked Camembert @themerrythoughtPomegranate & Thyme Baked Camembert @themerrythoughtPomegranate & Thyme Baked Camembert @themerrythoughtWe love our appetizers around here – so if you’re looking for some ideas for your next gathering, you can find some inspiration here! What are some of your favorite holiday go-to appetizers?


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