Life Lately

Life Lately @themerrythoughtLife Lately @themerrythoughtLife Lately @themerrythought Lately I’ve been reminded of the damage that comes from our ridiculous expectations. We expect people to be perfect (other than ourselves), we expect all of our plans to be fulfilled, we expect rewards without real work, we expect life to go smoothly. But hey, that’s just not realistic. We were never promised an easy life but we’ve come to expect it at some levels. We rob ourselves of the joy of little blessings that we’re given every day because our focus is lost in constant thinking and worrying and planning for the next thing.

I’m guilty of getting caught up in this and I’ve felt the weight of it a lot in the past couple months. I’m trying to remind myself to be thankful, be quiet, be aware of needs and desires of those around me… because our plans and expectations aren’t always realistic and sometimes our plans just aren’t the ones that God has for us. We need to be where we’re at and celebrate in that place, in each of the little victories.

So this week I’m thankful for finding some blood oranges at Wegmans, for the chaotic sweetness that is Levi, for being given the amazing opportunity to work with 585 Magazine. Life is good even though some parts of it aren’t going exactly how I had planned. Working on being content with where I’m at each day and reminding myself that I don’t need to worry about what’s next.

xo. Caitlin

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