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The Christmas season can become a whirlwind of making Christmas wish lists and buying for other’s Christmas wish lists. It can be a little crazy and let’s be honest, a little out of control. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve all made our own Christmas wish lists and we have fun shopping for others (and making things for others!), but sometimes it’s good to slow down, slip out of our Santa’s coming!!! mind-sets, and think about others who really need things and find good ways to help.  Two organizations we love and that do an amazing job helping to make this a more just and loving world are SEED and ICCM.  SEED empowers holistic livelihood groups around the world to do micro-enterprise that makes sense in their local communities.  ICCM (International Child Care Ministries) is a child sponsorship initiative serving 20,000 children in 31 countries. Through education, meals, clothing and basic medical care, children in need have an opportunity for a better life.

“In a globalized world, almost every Christmas gift we give is connected somehow to people in faraway places. Clothes, electronics, toys — most of what we buy has been made or assembled by workers in another country. ICCM and SEED provide much more personal, beneficial global connections. Our gifts are designed to spread the blessing of Christmas to children and families all over the world.”

SEED has amazing gifts that you can buy and with every purchase you’re helping to support women earn a living wage. A few of our favorites are below:
Better Giving - The Merrythought
Better Giving - The Merrythought
Peruvian Cusco bag | Asian brocade doll clothes | iPad covers | Paper Bead Necklace | Eco Lunch Bag | African Print Skirt

They also have great options for buying things for those in need. I like to purchase these things in honor of someone and make a gift card to let them know that it has been purchased in their name. You can buy food, animals, clean water, trees…give money to help fund hostels to keep kids safe from traffickers.
Better Giving - The Merrythought
Better Giving - The Merrythought

We encourage you to get a little more creative with some of your gift giving this season and help others while doing some of your shopping. Browse the SEED catalog and see what you can find to give.  These are great options for those harder to buy for people on your list!  And they have a lot of options for under $10 – making them great stocking stuffers or add-on gifts to something you’ve already bought.

If you’re local, Marla will be hosting a SEED table at Northgate Free Methodist Church this coming weekend (she did last weekend too). She’ll be there from 9:30-12:00.  You will be able to purchase items and get them that same day – she’s got everything from jewelry to doll clothes.  So locals, bring your money and go support a good cause while getting your Christmas shopping done!

(We know there are quite a few organizations out there doing these sort of things – and that’s great. If you’ve got one that you’re comfortable giving to/buying from – do that. We have personal connections with these two organizations and know that our funds are going where they are supposed to be going and that real people are getting helped, so we’re happy to help promote and support them.  **Disclaimer: we were not paid or even asked to do this by either organization, we just believe strongly in their cause.**)

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