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Home & Hill Magazine Giveaway @themerrythought I first discovered Home & Hill on my trip down to Nashville – and I immediately fell in love. Anna & Callie have created a truly wonderful publication. The magazine is based on interesting Tennessee happenings, but it’s a wonderful read for Tennesseans and out of state folk alike.  The photos are stunning and the stories engaging.  We are so inspired and awed by the beautiful work Home & Hill does.  This is definitely a publication you need to get your hands on.
Home & Hill Magazine Giveaway @themerrythought Home & Hill Magazine Giveaway @themerrythought A little more about Home & Hill:
Home & Hill is a peek into the ingenuity of Tennesseans. This publication sings the “varied carols” of work, home, service, and play of the people who live here in a thoughtful and light way.We have an idea about life well-lived through a balance of progress and tradition, and we like stories and images that speak to that. A lens through which Tennesseans can stay connected with their state, Home & Hill Magazine prints quarterly. The publication is bound in a medley of in-depth profiles, cultural essays, culinary insights, and sports and music features.
Home & Hill Magazine Giveaway @themerrythought We are so excited (and a little jealous of the winner to-be) to be partnering with Home & Hill to offer you a one year subscription to Home & Hill! Issues 1 & 2 are already printed and will be shipped out to the winner right away! And if you don’t win, we encourage you to subscribe because we’re anticipating a lot of goodness coming from the next couple issues!

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