Updating Your Minimal Wardrobe

Since we’re finally coming into the warm season, I’ve been working on going through last year’s summer clothes – checking out what shape they’re in, if they still fit, if I still love them and then following steps to get rid of pieces that don’t make the cut. Next comes the part where I figure out where my wardrobe is lacking and then look into what new pieces I might want to get. I also allow myself to pick up a few pieces each season that I love – even if they are just trendy or for a specific event (wedding season is here!) I used to go thrifting every week and get at least 5 new pieces each time. So allowing myself a couple of extra items each season has been a good way to cut back a lot without overwhelming myself by the idea that I can never buy anything new again. Ha!We partnered with Le Tote to try out their monthly clothing subscription – it’s a lot like other popular subscription programs where you get to try out what they offer and only purchase what you want, sending everything else back. This is a perfect option for those looking to maintain or update their capsule wardrobe. You can pick out three articles of clothing and two accessories each month. I think the idea of it got me so excited because it works for basics as well as branching out to try some pieces that aren’t your usual style. You get to wear them with the wardrobe you’ve already curated and get a true feel for how much use you will get out of it. Check out the video of our experience!

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