Merry Thankful

#merrythankful @themerrythought
#merrythankful @themerrythought
#merrythankful @themerrythought
November is here, ready or not.  Taking the time to be thankful and find the joy in the every day little moments of life’s busyness.  We’d love to have you join us in our Instagram thankful project – #merrythankful.  Share what brings joy and thanks to your heart -we’d love to see!

A few things I’m thankful for:
– cronuts & succulents!
– stormy fall skies and my beautiful view out the front windows
– my Michael, always and forever
– this baby air plant & starfish I picked up at a visit to Abode a few weeks ago
– Malacai, trying to be daddy – complete with a pencil tucked behind his ear – oh my heart!
Gigi’s is back! And I’ll be eating this soup every day now!

You can find me on IG: @mandamooie…and be sure to follow the blog: @themerrythought.  Here’s a few favorites from this week:
#merrythankful @themerrythought

klizgill | rebekah.gough | dearpomegranates

Use  #merrythankful – each week this month we’ll share some of the photos here on the blog and on Instagram.

xo – Manda

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