Merry Thankful

Merry Thankful @themerrythought
Merry Thankful @themerrythought
Merry Thankful @themerrythought
Merry Thankful @themerrythought
Merry Thankful @themerrythought
The air is warm, the leaves are brilliantly colored and I’ve got a mug of hot coffee next to me – there is much to be thankful for! Each November, we like to share some things that we’re feeling especially grateful for.

>>My love, always my love.
>>If you’ve been a reader for a while, you know my love affair with donuts runs strong – my heart is always happy for donuts!
>>Fall is absolutely gorgeous around here – and my Aunt’s annual fall party, complete with a lovely fall walk, is one of my favorites of the season!
>>I think the only time I manage to take “selfies” of Mike & I is on our weekend getaway – and I make us take about a million to make up for the rest of the year!
>>Yup, apple cider in an apple cup, out in the leaves – fall perfection!
>>Being a mama is my dream job; it’s what my heart has wanted to do since I was a little girl. I think sometimes the fact that I had to fight so hard to reach motherhood, has made me appreciate this roll, this calling, all the more. The ups, the downs, the in-betweens, all of it, I try to savor and soak it all in. This mama bear necklace from Rebekah Gough Jewelry is around my neck pretty much every day, I couldn’t love it more!
>>A few weeks ago, Marla & I visited our little sister and new niece. While we were down there, we ate at the most delicious Korean restaurant tucked away in the tiny town of Beaver Falls, PA!
>>And here’s my Lincoln, holding his baby cousin, sweet Parker Penny – oh my heart!
>>I took my first trip ever to the laundry mat (I finally have a comforter too big to fit in my own washer) – my big sister met me there and showed me the ropes. Cause that’s what big sisters are for!  And we had the cutest lil helper of course!
>>Yesterday, while looking out my kitchen window, this tree started raining leaves.  The sun was shining, the leaves were bright orange and it felt magical out there!

(Also, doing this post made me realize how terrible I am about getting my photos on IG – and ever since Chatbooks, I’ve been trying to do better as they are my only “physical” photo albums! So if you follow along, you might see these photos popping up on my IG, because I need them in my Chatbooks!!)

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Merry Thankful @themerrythought

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-Manda (@mandamooie)

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