Merry + Bright

We’ve been spending lots of time with family and loved ones this past week and we had a very merry Christmas. Here’s a few iPhone snapshots of our Christmastime merriment…
Christmas - The Merrythought1
Christmas - The Merrythought3
Christmas - The Merrythought2
Marla and I had fun planning the kids outfits for our Christmas Eve family get together and church service. We had big plans of doing a nice photo shoot of all the kids together. Between the busyness of trying to get our Christmas Eve dinner made and eaten, opening gifts with family, trying to get little kids dressed and presentable and making it to the church service somewhat on time, that never happened. So instead, I thought I’d share a few real life photos with you. Photos snapped with the iPhone, in the church hallway, with a crying babe, and little ones who just don’t like to sit or stand still.
Christmas Eve - Merry Kids6
Christmas Eve - Merry Kids3
Christmas Eve - Merry Kids4
Christmas Eve - Merry Kids5
Christmas Eve - Merry Kids1
Christmas Eve - Merry Kids2
With all the busyness that this time of year can bring, we hope that you’ve been able to take time to really enjoy your loved ones and the true spirit of Christmas. My little Lincoln brought home this paper from school and my mama heart burst with love and pride at his words.
Christmas - The Merrythought
Hope that all has been merry and bright in your life! xo. Manda

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