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Christmas Tree Hunt - The Merrythought
Christmas Tree Hunt  - The Merrythought
O Christmas Tree - The Merrythought
O Christmas Tree - The Merrythought
Over the weekend we went and got our Christmas tree. Always an adventure with three little boys in tow! They are always so excited to go and look forward to it so much. However, usually after about 5 minutes at the farm, they’re complaining about being too cold, or hungry, or that their feet hurt. This year, I think they were rushing us because the farm offers hot apple cider and doughnuts back at the barn and they couldn’t wait to go get a treat.  (I just love that photo of them sipping their cider and eating doughnuts – like a bunch of old men!).  The boys found the perfect – giant – tree in the midst of some cute pint size trees.

I’m loving that last blurry tree photo – taken by Malacai. After getting the tree decorated the boys wanted to take photos so Cai borrowed my phone and snapped this.

Do you have any fun Christmas tree traditions?

Happy Monday friends! Manda

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