First Day of School :: 2013 Edition

School started back up yesterday for our boys. We took our annual first day of school pictures of them. (Caitlin can’t wait to see how these photo shoots go over with them once they’re teenagers.) I shared a couple pictures and thoughts on Instagram yesterday, so if you’re a follower, sorry for the repeat.
First Day of School | The Merrythought
Lincoln | The Merrythought
Malacai | The Merrythought
(Above 2 photos inspired by @ponymaude.  I love the idea and hope to keep including this in our back to school photos.) It’s always hard to send them off to school. It means letting go. Giving up control. Something that I struggle with. I like to have things planned out and know everything going on. Especially when it comes to my boys.  I know that it’s only going to keep getting harder as they get older and keep doing more and more without me.  And it’s what’s supposed to happen.  But oh it’s hard on the mama heart.  I need to just keep giving that to Jesus.  Giving them to Jesus.  He holds them in His hands.  He loves them more than I do. This mama-thing, it challenges and deepens my faith like no other. It challenges and deepens my patience like no other too.  I love this wild adventure of mothering my three boys.  I pray that these two thrive this year in school.  And love the adventure of learning and becoming independent.

And the bad guy thing…no idea!  Lately that’s what Malacai keeps telling us he wants to be when he grows up.  Oy.

And because outtakes are always the best pictures to see:
Back To School - Outtakes

Any fun back to school traditions you do with your kiddos? Or that you did as a kid?


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