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Adventures with PlanetBox  @themerrythought
Adventures with PlanetBox @themerrythought
Merry Adventures  @themerrythought
Adventures with PlanetBox  @themerrythought
Merry Adventures @themerrythought
Adventures with PlanetBox  @themerrythought
Adventures with PlanetBox  @themerrythought
Merry Adventures @themerrythought
I’ve been trying to get out on more adventures with the boys now that school is out and it looks like life might finally slow down just a bit for me. (Fingers crossed on that one!) We recently went to explore at a little waterfall not too far from home, and I thought it would be the perfect chance to try out the Rover lunchbox from PlanetBox. Because as any mama of young kids knows, never, ever leave the house without an arsenal of snacks & drinks at the ready – even if it’s just a short trip. We count ourselves lucky if we make it out of the driveway before someone complains that they’re starving!
I was excited to try this lunchbox system out because I have a bit of a struggle with “baggies”. Growing up, my mom always made us bring home our baggies from our school lunches so she could rinse them out and re-use them. And I hated that and swore I’d never make my kids to do that! But I’ll confess that everyday while packing the boys’ lunches, I cringe at the baggie waste happening.  I feel really guilty about it, but I just don’t want to deal with the hassle of washing them and having them sitting around to dry out.  (I totally would make my boys bring them home everyday if I felt like dealing with that though, no matter the youthful promises I made myself!  Oh the things we say before actually becoming parents!) So the lunch boxes from PlanetBox seemed like the perfect solution!
I love the look of the stainless steal box – and actually wish there was a way to carry the box just like, without the case, but then I guess you’d be left carrying your drink, napkin, etc. I do love that the case has a pouch on the outside, which the larger container can fit in – it’s perfect for my boys since I pack a snack (in a baggie) everyday for snack time during class, so this could even eliminate the snack-time baggie waste!  I was a little skeptical on whether everything would stay put once the lid was closed and we carried it around, but it did! I did notice that a bit of the juice from the kiwis leaked out, but the lunch boxes do say they’re not meant for liquids, so I guess I’ll just need to pay attention to how “juicy” the fruits are that I’m packing.
And a little tip – if your kids are tired of eating the same thing everyday, change the shape of what they’re eating! I made these peanut butter & jelly roll-ups because I thought they’d look cute, and the boys were exclaiming over how good the sandwich was (same old bread, same old pb&j) – haa!

Lunchbox provided by PlanetBox. All ideas, thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.

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  • maryThursday, July 16, 2015 - 3:51 pm

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about planetbox. I’ve been eyeing these lunch boxes for a while now. They seem well designed and construction.ReplyCancel

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