One Room Challenge – Week 2: I Painted

Back with this week’s One Room Challenge update! This past week I got a few coats of paint done and I’m pretending that it covered up the wonkiness of these lumpy lath & plaster walls… (I mean it definitely didn’t at all, but we can pretend!) It for sure makes the room feel so much brighter and cleaner than the dingy yellow walls. And that might seem like barely any progress at all but I HATE painting. I put off room projects for months and months just because I can’t convince myself to commit to paint. Ha! So I am so excited to be moving on to some woodworking projects over the next couple weeks!

This week I’m going to try to get the “headboard” wall done so I can move my brother’s bed out from the middle of the room. Over on IG, I had everyone weigh in on a few of the design decisions and the majority voted on a slatted half circle with a plant shelf across the wall for above the bed. So I’m hoping to get that started today or tomorrow!

grey bed in middle of room with white walls
tv hanging on white wall

Week 1.

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