Yarn Wall Art

Yarn Wall Art @themerrythought For the past three years I’ve had a gallery (ish) wall over my couch in the living room. It was always changing with new blog projects I made and little things that I found while out thrifting. I decided I needed to switch things up a bit this season and come up with one larger display to fill up that area. I loved these yarn banners and these wall hangings so I made a yarn display of my own to freshen up my space for this season.
Yarn Wall Art @themerrythoughtHow to make it:
Cut your dowels to your desired lengths. Cut lots and lots of yarn. Use a hot glue gun to attach them to the dowel. Tie a knot in the yarn where you want the copper couplings to go and then slide them over the knot and use a dab of hot glue to keep them in place over the knot. Use long nails in the wall to hold them in place.
Yarn Wall Art @themerrythought Yarn Wall Art @themerrythought xo. Caitlin

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