DIY Wooden Kids Silhouette Decor

DIY Silhouette Decor on wooden shelf next to vintage books
This DIY kid silhouette decor is such a sweet gift idea for parents and grandparents. You can capture the sweet faces of your little kiddos forever to keep as a perfect silhouette decor gift. I decided to make this for Manda of the three boys and I love how it turned out! I’m sure I’ll miss these tiny little faces one day and it’s sweet to have.
supplies laid out on quilt for kids silhouette project

What you’ll need for Kid Silhouette Decor:
-Piece of wood
-Double sided tape
-Paint and paintbrushes

How to do it:
-Go grab the little ones whose silhouettes you want to use. Put them in front of a window or white wall (something bright.) Snap a photo of them from the side. Be sure that they are looking directly ahead or your silhouette will not be very accurate. If you are using more than one child, it might help to set up a tripod so you will know how far away you were for each child’s photo – or else you will have to adjust image sizes later on.
**I created my silhouette layout in photoshop but, for those of you that don’t have photoshop, it’s just as easy without it:
-Print the silhouettes according to the size of the wood you chose.
-Cut out the first silhouette and trace the front of the face (this is where I used the double sided tape – so that it wouldn’t move around and the tracing would be accurate.)
-Cut and trace the second face (so that it connects with the first one) then move back 1/4″ and trace a second time. Repeat for the other faces.
-Paint in each silhouette. And you’re done!
side by side photos or a close up and far away photo of child silhouettesblack and white image of kid silhouette wood block decorClose up of wooden silhouette decor block with painted silhouetteswooden box shelves with decor next to wooden mirror


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