Vintage-Inspired Paper Mâché Pumpkin Bucket

I know this may be shocking, but I’m not really into the super colorful orange decor that is out there for Halloween. (Ha! Have you ever seen our other DIY pumpkin decor?? Very neutral haha.) But I do love vintage pumpkin decor. Especially the slightly spooky bizarre pumpkin photos and vintage Halloween cards that people used to send. So I decided to make my own quirky vintage-inspired paper mâché pumpkin bucket!

I bought a $2 typical neon orange bucket from the store and then turned it into this little guy and I’m kind of obsessed. Sadly, I don’t do much trick-or-treating anymore but this little bucket is looking so cute on our shelf right now. I love the texture and funkiness that the paper mâché gives it! It feels like something you’d see in a picture of some kiddos around Halloween back in the early-mid 1900’s.

Now I’ll just be filling this with candy and stealing a piece every time I walk by for the next week!

pumpkin bucket surrounded by candy on black backdrop

Materials needed for Vintage-Inspired Paper Mâché Pumpkin Bucket:

Follow along with the video below for steps on how I made mine!

woman holding pumpkin treat bucket while sitting on beige couch
candy falling into paper mache pumpkin treat bucket on black backdrop
overhead shot of vintage-inspired pumpkin shaped treat bucket with candy surrounding it

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