Simple Gift Wrap

Simple Gift Wrapping @themerrythought I love a nicely wrapped present – even though they’re just going to get ripped apart. I always enjoy coming up with fun ways to add a little something to each present to admire while it’s waiting to be opened. (But I always procrastinate on my Christmas shopping and never have the time to wrap them all nicely on Christmas Eve.)

Here are a couple easy ways to wrap them up and add a little bit of nature!
Simple Gift Wrapping @themerrythoughtWood grain contact paper from the dollar store, some tags leftover from Thanksgiving, twine, a key, and a little bit of greenery.
Simple Gift Wrapping @themerrythought Parchment paper topped with some red berries and tied with twine.
Simple Gift Wrapping @themerrythought Kraft paper with a simple wire and greenery wreath.
Simple Gift Wrapping @themerrythoughtHow are you wrapping your presents this year?

xo. Caitlin

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