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Pallet World Map | The Merrythought
We’re happy to have my younger sister, Lyndsay, back here on The Merrythought with another guest post. This time with a fun DIY to spruce up your home or office wall space. I love this project – I’ve been obsessed with globes and maps since I was a kid (anyone else steal the maps out of their mom’s National Geographic Magazines? No? Just oddball me?) and this map is amazing!  Lyndsay will share how you can make your own…

It’s not uncommon for me to feel inspired by something I see on Pinterest and think “I can make that!” Since we have a pretty small apartment (and just moved into an even smaller apartment), I usually feel like there would be no space for said idea, and therefore lose my motivation/desire to be creative. However, I recently changed offices and had more wall space for decorating, so my creative juices started flowing. Based off of this Pinterest idea, I snagged a free pallet and let the creativity loose.
DIY Pallet Board World Map  |  The Merrythought
What you need:
-A pallet
-A hammer
-A pry bar (to separate the pallet boards)
-A saw
-Tracing paper
-A free online map outline of the world
-A carpenter pencil
-A sharpie (color of your choice)
-Indoor latex paint of your choosing (I went with thicker so I only had to paint only one coat)
-One thick paint brush
-One thin paint brush for edges
Pallet World Map How To
Pallet World Map How To
How to do it:
-Pull apart pallet boards using hammer and pry bar (note: an older pallet is easier to separate)
-Line up boards in configuration of your choosing
-Saw to desired size
-Nail together using additional boards on the back side (I used 3 – one in the middle, two on the edges)
-Print off world map (for 3 X 4′ project, print at 500%). I used this one.
-Using a pencil, trace onto tracing paper taped together
-Color the back side of the tracing paper outline with a carpenter pencil
-Retrace the front of the paper with pencil, pushing hard so that it will bleed onto the boards (I found that lighter boards showed the trace marks more easily)
-Follow the pencil trace lines on the actual pallet boards using black permanent marker
-Using paint of your choosing, color in all the continents, leaving the marker boarder
-Make any needed touch-ups

[My favorite color is yellow and my office does not get much sunshine, so I decided it would be the perfect color to brighten up the walls. The color was called Honey Pot.]

Thanks to my wonderful hubby Andy and my friend Rebecca for the help with this project!
Pallet World Map | The Merrythought
Thanks for sharing this great project with us Lyndsay! You can catch up on Lyndsay’s life at Grimm Tales.

Have a lovely weekend!  Manda

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