How to Make your own Leather Bound Sketchbook

two leather bound sketchbooks on circular wooden plywood on grass

I’ve been working on making some fun, nature inspired gifts for friends and family. Today I’ll be sharing how to make leather bound sketchbooks! These DIY faux leather sketchbooks are such a great gift for little artists in your life. You can also switch it out for lined paper and it’s perfect for the writers! I used suede and vinyl because that’s what I had on hand, but with a heavy duty needle, you could use real leather as well!

You can pick from many different colors and shades when you use the sueded and faux leather vinyls. Then a little wrapped leather cord and beads and accessories can make them a bit more personalized.

close up images of diy leather notebooks

What you’ll need:
– Leather, vinyl, or suede – or whatever sturdy fabric you have on hand.
– Paper – I used sketchbook paper.
– Sewing machine.
– Assorted leather/suede cord, feathers, beads, etc.

How to make a DIY Leather Sketchbook:
– Cut leather [or fabric of choice] into desired size.
– Cut paper about 1/8″ around smaller than the size of the cover leaving 2 inches extra cover on right side for the flap.
– Use sewing machine to sew down the middle of the paper and through the cover. i also sewed the edges of the suede to prevent fraying.
– Wrap with leather cord and whatever else you want to adorn your little book!

little boy wearing jeans holding a pencil and mini leather sketchbook

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