DIY Southwestern Inspired Cardigan

girl in high weeds among trees with arms wrapped around herself

This is more of a way to inspire a fun afternoon craft than to give a full tutorial. (Although of course, I included what I used and did at the bottom.) This DIY southwestern inspired cardigan is a fun way to bring new life to an old cardigan that you were going to get rid of!

Any color cardigan would work and you can customize it in any color and any shapes that you like. You can draw inspiration from any southwestern arts and patterns that you like! I searched some rugs and blankets that had designs that I liked and I took some shapes and inspiration from those.

back of a southwestern inspired cardigan on a girl standing among treesside by side images of girl wearing white cardigan with black tank top in front of wooded areaclose up of southwestern inspired cardigan around hand resting along the side of a skirtback of southwestern inspired cardigan on a girl in front of wooded areaclose of of braided hair style on long hairGirl in wooded area with hand on hip in long skirt and white cardigan

What you’ll need for a Southwestern inspired cardigan:
– A plain cardigan [thrifted mine for $3]
– Assorted fabric paints
– Paint brush
Optional: paper, scissors, & dressmaker’s marking pencil

What I did:
– I used the paper and cut out some shapes I’ve seen on some other aztec inspired sweaters
– Laid the shapes out how I wanted them on the sweater
– Traced them with the marking pencil and added a few other designs
– Painted it! – you might have to do this in sections since the sweater won’t lie flat and you don’t want it to smudge or soak through!

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