Eucalyptus Wreath – Easy Thrift Store Wreath Makeover

This year, I’m definitely into making wreaths! I had a different idea in mind for a eucalyptus wreath, but couldn’t resist trying to do a thrift store wreath makeover when I spotted some old wreaths at Goodwill.

I wanted this to be a super easy way to make a eucalyptus wreath. So I made sure to find wreaths that had grapevine forms. This way, I could just stick pieces of eucalyptus in, and hopefully not have to use any floral wire or hot glue. This is essentially how I make my garlands for my stairs and mantel. Start with a base, then just stick pieces in. The easy, lazy way – haha!

The great thing about using eucalyptus is that the wreaths can be used for Christmas decor, and long after too! Dried eucalyptus is beautiful year round! These are actually partly dried eucalyptus wreaths in these photos. I had to wait a few days to be able to photograph them – we’ve had some dreary, rainy days around here lately. I love how they look! And they smell amazing!

fresh eucalyptus wreath with red velvet ribbon hanging on beige door
fresh eucalyptus wreath with gray velvet bow hanging on vintage wood cabinet
before and after of two thrift store fake floral wreaths into two fresh eucalyptus wreaths

Supplies for Thrift Store Eucalyptus Wreath Makeover:

  • thrifted wreaths
  • fresh eucalyptus
  • ribbon (optional)
  • floral wire, may not need
  • hot glue, may not need

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to make over these wreaths!

fresh eucalyptus wreath with gray velvet bow hanging on wood cabinet
fresh eucalyptus wreath with rusty red velvet ribbon hanging on beige door

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