DIY Wood Bead Pacifier Clip

I recently made my niece, Parker Penny, a couple pacifier clips. Well, for her teething ring clips, she’s not really into pacifiers. She is however, really into chewing on any & everything – and then throwing it of course, so I thought one of these might be helpful! When my boys were babies (why do they have to grow up?!), Caitlin made them some fabric pacifier clips and I loved them, it was so nice to be able to clip their paci’s to them and not constantly be picking them up off the floor. I so appreciated having someone making me fun, cute baby things when I was too busy & overwhelmed to make them myself; and now I can make baby things for my sweet lil niece, who seems to enjoy the toys we make for her! These are a quick & easy DIY to craft and make good use of using up all those extra craft beads – which we seem to have a lot of around here! I love the simple design and that it uses natural wood (of course!). You can find the tutorial for the crochet teething rings here – they’re perfect to pair with these clips! DIY Wood Bead Pacifier Clip @themerrythoughtDIY Wood Bead Teether/Pacifier Clip @themerrythoughtDIY Pacifier Clip @themerrythoughtDIY Pacifier Clip @themerrythoughtMaterials:
– wooden beads
– string
– suspender clip

Cut a length of string twice the length you want your clip to be, plus a few inches longer (you won’t need the extra inches if you’re not going to wrap the string around the suspender clip). Fold string in half and tie a loop at the folded end, making the loop about 3 inches in length (you just want to be sure it can loop around the pacifier or ring and fit the beads through, adjust the size as needed to fit your beads). Continue tying knots over that first knot until you have one knot that’s large enough to keep the bead from sliding over it. Slide beads onto string. Once all the beads are on, tie the ends of the string into a knot around the suspender clip. If you’d like, continue wrapping the string around the suspender clip, tie off with secure knot and cut off any extra string. DIY Wood Bead Pacifier/Teether Clip @themerrythoughtDIY Wood Bead Pacifier Clip @themerrythoughtDIY Wood Bead Pacifier Clip @themerrythought


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