DIY Wire Letter Wall Art

DIY Wire Letter Wall Art @themerrythoughtToday’s simple project is a good way to dress your wall up with your favorite phrase! Whether it’s to be happy, to relax, or to hustle… you can turn your favorite reminder into 3d art for your walls! I’ve been making a bunch of these while watching Boy Meets World this week… I’m 9 episodes in and it’s bringing back all the feels. Haha! DIY Wire Letter Wall Art @themerrythoughtWhat you need:
-Gold floral wire
-Wire cutter/Pliers

How to make it:
-Form letter/word you want using wire – you can create it all using on continuous piece or connecting smaller pieces together for different parts of the letter. You can print out large version of the letter/words you are going to use in fonts you like and use it as a template when forming the letters or just do it freehand.
-Use the first letter/word that you created as a template to create a second one as close to the first as possible.
-Cut 3″ pieces of wire to connect the two letters/words to give it a 3d shape, trim excess wire after twisting each end around one of the letters/words.
DIY Wire Letter Wall Art @themerrythoughtDIY Wire Letter Wall Art @themerrythoughtDIY Wire Letter Wall Art @themerrythoughtxo. Caitlin

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