DIY Plywood Counter

Sharing how to make the DIY plywood counter I shared in my friend’s laundry closet makeover a couple weeks ago! I was looking for a simple affordable way to create a counter that she could fold laundry on – that was one of her requests. So I put together this easy one and I know I probably should have created a full frame underneath but I wanted it to be easy to remove and to move the washer and dryer in and out if necessary. I went with a dark stain because that’s what she preferred and I think it went well with the taupe wall tone.

close up of diy plywood counter top with decor in background


Watch the video below for step by step instructions of how I made mine!

beige and white laundry closet with minimal decor
angles close up of plywood counter that has been stained dark
top of diy plywood counter with small ceramic jars and decor

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