DIY Map Shelf

DIY Map Shelf  @themerrythought
I’ve been a fan of maps and globes since childhood. My mom had a large light up globe that I used to love staring at, mesmerized by the colors and thoughts of far away places. And I looked forward to her National Geographic magazines arriving in the mail, so I could take the maps from those and keep a secret stash of stolen maps to look at it whenever my little heart desired. I used to daydream of having a big library in my home (I’m also an obsessive reader), complete with floor to ceiling bookshelves and one wall being completely covered with my stolen maps.  Who knew my 8-year-old self would be so on trend one day. 😉 And trendy or not, both maps and globes will always be cool in my book.
DIY Map Shelf  @themerrythought
I recently picked up a plain wood shelf at the thrift store, intending to use it for one of the boys rooms for tiny toy storage and display.  I thought it needed a little something and adding some maps to the back of the shelf seemed perfect.  Lincoln and Malacai’s room has a small light up globe that they use for a night light and I recently picked up some vintage classroom maps that I plan to hang in their room.
DIY Map Shelf  @themerrythought
This is a super quick and easy way to give a plain shelf a new look. Just find some maps (old or new), measure the spaces inside your shelf that you plan to cover, cut your map to size, and glue it in. We used Mod Podge.  And now you’ve got a “new” shelf to enjoy.  Malacai ended up being the lucky recipient of this shelf (well at least for now) and he loves it.  His mama is pretty happy with it too.
DIY Map Shelf @themerrythought
DIY Map Shelf   @themerrythought
Enjoy today – we’re in sunny California while back home they’re having a snow storm!  Good timing! 😉 Manda

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