DIY Love Note Wall Art

DIY Love Letter Wall Art @themerrythoughtFor a Valentine’s Day gift or just some simple decor to add to your wall, I thought it would be sweet to enlarge an old love note, envelope, or doodle. It’s possible that there’s a shortage of love letters coming to me 😉 so I thought it would be cute to use an old letter from my parents. So I set out to find the perfect one for this project!

Inside an old Ames bag in a little safe in the back of my closet is a large stack of letters that my mom and dad sent back and forth while they were in college. I’ve read all of them years ago and since then I tucked them away only now and then allowing myself to read a couple. I pulled out the letters and sat on my bedroom floor with them scattered before me. I started searching for one that looked pretty on the outside and occasionally I took a peek at the letter inside. I know it’s kind of strange to be reading love letters sent back and forth between your parents, but I’m thankful that I get to see how they interacted back then. How they loved each other and how they loved Jesus. If my mom were alive, I’d ask her about the silly, awkward first dates she had with my dad and how long it took her to know she’d spend the rest of her life with him. And while my dad is amazing at so many things, remembering stories and sweet little details about things from his youth might not be his strongest skill. So for now, I have these letters.

But anyways, I wasn’t finding any lovely looking envelopes and then I stumbled across one postmarked July 23, 1984. I opened up the letter and read it. A young woman with just 26 days until her wedding wrote an anxious and excited letter to her future groom. She wrote of wedding plans, the place they would call home, and of all the years they would spend together. Completely unaware that two years from that very day, she would be holding a tiny baby boy, their first child, in her arms. It wasn’t the most beautiful envelope, but it was perfect.
DIY Love Letter Wall Art @themerrythoughtWhat you need:
-Craft board
-Engineering Print
-Wood Glue
-Staple Gun

How to make it:
-Cut four pieces of craft board that are 3″ wider than the print.
-Spread wood glue on one side of the wood. Lay the print down evenly about 1/2″ on the wood. Lay another piece of wood on top – to sandwich the wood and glue inbetween the two pieces.
-Clamp together and let dry.
-Repeat with opposite end.
-Once everything is dry, cut a piece of string and use the staple gun to attach it to the top of the wood.
DIY Love Letter Wall Art @themerrythoughtI was tempted to use some love notes from my numerous admirers back in elementary school – yes, I still have all the notes I used to pass to my friends in school. I’m thinking I still might have to do that because it’d make some pretty hilarious wall art. Do you have any old love letters/postcards/drawings that you think would look good hanging on your wall?
If not, ask your parents or grandparents if they saved any old letters!

xo. Caitlin

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