DIY Leather Footstool

I’m continuing to work on some projects for the living room and keep going back and forth between feeling encouraged by the progress and feeling overwhelmed by it not just being done already! But I’m pressing on and I have a few more projects I’m pretty excited about to add to the space! Until everything comes together, this little footstool is going to be the perfect companion for late nights editing and blogging from the couch. What you need:
-Four 1″ x 36″ square dowels
-Tape measure
Miter saw
Wood glue
-Nail gun
-Leather strips (I bought mine from Michaels you could try this if you aren’t near a Michaels.
Staple gun
How to make it:
-Measure and mark: (You will need to be mindful about which pieces you cut out together so you can make the most of your four dowels.)
-Four 10″ pieces
-Four 8″ pieces
-Three 18″ pieces
-Use the miter saw to cut these pieces.
-Create the end squares by using two 10″ pieces for the sides and two 8″ pieces for the top and bottom.
-Dab a bit of wood glue on the end of the 8″ piece, line up against the 10″ piece and secure using a nail gun – *** be sure the put the nail slightly off center because you will also be screwing this together at the center later.**
-Continue for both squares.
-Measure and mark the center of the bottom and sides of the two squares.
-Line up the 18″ pieces at the center mark at the spots and repeat the same steps with the glue and nail gun.
-At each spot where the wood pieces came together, pre-drill a hole down through the center of the dowel.
-Secure with a 2″ screw.
-Take end of leather strip and use a staple gun to secure it around the bottom side of the top 8″ piece of the end square.
-Stretch it across tightly and secure on the other side.
-Trim excess leather.
-Repeat for each leather strip.
xo. Caitlin

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