DIY Hand Mirror

DIY Hand Mirror @themerrythought In case having a front facing camera on your phone isn’t enough for checking yourself out, this minimal hand mirror is the perfect thing for you! (Or your selfie-obsessed friends.) Plus it’s simple and lovely enough to mix in with your decor.
DIY Hand Mirror @themerrythought What you need:
-Round dowel
-Scroll Saw
-Belt Sander and/or Sand Paper

How to make it:
-Cut a piece of wooden dowel about the same height of your mirror.
-Use the scroll saw to cut out a section of wood from the top of the dowel. Make sure it is centered, about 1″ long, and the same width as the mirror.
-Use the belt sander to round the top of the dowel where you made the cut. Use fine sandpaper to smooth it out.
-Put some strong glue into the cut in the wood and slide the mirror in place – make sure it’s centered.
-Let dry and stare away!
DIY Hand Mirror @themerrythought DIY Hand Mirror @themerrythought DIY Hand Mirror @themerrythought DIY Hand Mirror @themerrythought xo. Caitlin

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