DIY Fresh Floral Confetti

Sticking with our floral party theme we’ve had going for the past couple weeks, we’ve got some natural floral confetti coming at ya today! If you’re going to have florals all over your party or wedding, you’ve got to have some flower petals to toss up in the air in excitement! Or to have guests throw at you so you can be dusted in colorful petals – how much more magical can confetti get?! We made fresh floral confetti pouches that you can whip up in no time and give out to guests.What you need:
Ink pad that works on fabric
-Flower petals
How to make it:
-Stamp bags and let dry completely.
-Fill with floral petals.
*You can purchase petals, try dried petals, or buy bundles of flowers with small petals and tear petals off. We left our petals in the bags for three days to see how they would hold up and they all held up very well!
Now go grab some flowers and find a reason to throw confetti!

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