DIY Floral Pumpkin

Do any of you remember our fresh floral pumpkin from three years ago?! It’s been a reader favorite each fall since then so I figured it was about time that I gave it a refresh. I decided to try out faux flowers this time so that you can use the same one for decoration every year without having to buy fresh flowers… even though I do think the fresh floral part is pretty sweet for a party! I stuck with the moon pattern again because it’s perfect for Halloween without being too creepy. But you can do any design your heart desires!DIY Floral Pumpkin @themerrythoughtWhat you need:
-Craft Pumpkin
-Faux Flowers
-Wire Cutter Pliers

Watch the video below for the instructions on putting it together!
DIY Floral Pumpkin @themerrythought-Caitlin

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