DIY Dominos Costume

Keeping up with the theme of favorite childhood activities from yesterday’s costume, today we’re doing a family dominos costume! Because what’s better than forcing the whole family to match for Halloween?! Ha! I actually didn’t play a real game of dominos until I was in my 20s but my mom used to collect vintage wooden dominos and use them in the jewelry and crafts she would make. So I also ended up using them for crafting much more than gaming growing up – but loved them just the same! So these came to mind when I was thinking about old childhood favorites while brainstorming costumes for this year – and I suggested putting together a family set of dominos shirt for Manda, Dad, and the boys to try out! Doesn’t get much easier than this for a group costume – plus it works for any size group!What you need:
-Plain black t-shirt: Men’s, Women’s, Youth
White iron-on fabric

Here’s a video to take you through the steps to put together your costume!

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