DIY Distressed Jeans

A couple years ago I had a pair of jeans that I had been wearing for about 10 years that had finally worn through in the knees from all the years of wearing them! Last year those pants ripped through across my butt so I decided it was time to let them go. And maybe buy the next size up… 😉 I saw these jeans and loveeed them but couldn’t quite afford the price tag. My favorite pair of black jeans was getting kind of faded so I bought a new pair of them and decided to give my faded pair a more distressed look.DIY Distressed Jean @themerrythoughtSo here’s how you can distress a pair of jeans if you’re trying to sport that tough-girl look…

Here’s a run down of the steps if you’re not interested in watching the video. (But it will make these steps a bit clearer!)

What you need:
-Permanent Marker

How to make it:
-Try on your jeans and use a permanent markers to make dots where you want the rip to begin and end.
-Use scissors to cut across the jeans at the top and bottom of the section you marked.
-Use tweezers to start pulling down the threads that run side to side until you can start pulling out the threads that are running up and down between the two cuts. It will get easier to pull these threads out after the first few are removed. And then you should just be left with the threads running side to side in those sections!
DIY Distressed Jean @themerrythoughtxo. Caitlin

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