DIY Concrete Desk

DIY Concrete Desk @themerrythought for @homedepot We’re starting the transition process for turning a bedroom into an office/studio space.  The room originally started out as a bedroom for one of the boys, but they all want to sleep in the same room and never use this bedroom, except sometimes as a play space.  Over the last few months, this room has been used mostly for our blog shoots and we thought we could better utilize the space if it was set up as an office/studio.  At the top of our list of things needed for the space was a desk!  We wanted something simple and minimal and we were thrilled to partner with Home Depot to create this concrete desk! We love the industrial look concrete brings to a room and the wood keeps things natural and brings a bit of warmth. And we’re obviously excited that it doubles as a lovely backdrop for some shoots if needed! 😉 Since the desk is pretty simple, we added in shelves in the legs for a bit of extra storage.  We love our new desk and are excited to keep working on this room! Head over to Home Depot’s Apron Blog the tutorial!
DIY Concrete Desk @themerrythought for @homedepotDIY Concrete Desk @themerrythought for @homedepotDIY Concrete Desk @themerrythought for @homedepotDIY Concrete Desk @themerrythought for @homedepotDIY Concrete Desk @themerrythought for @homedepotxo. Caitlin & Manda

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