DIY Circle Shelf

It’s been a little over 24 hours since we’ve been home and I’m currently about to head out to my other jobs for the day. The transition back into real life is always strange after a nice, long vacation but this one has been hitting me hard! Feeling emotional about missing my big brother out in Colorado while also feeling so thankful for all the incredible things we got to do/see – overall just feeling a lot and I’m quite exhausted. I’m excited to get back into a routine though and to share some new stuff here on the blog! This little shelf made me smile when I walked into the house after being gone for 10+ days – I had finished it just before I had to leave so I hadn’t had time to get used to seeing it on the wall.
Pick up a couple wood rounds and you can make one for yourself in no time. One pass through a table saw and a little bit of drilling and you’re pretty much done with this simple shelf!What you need:
-Two Wood Rounds
-Tape Measure
-Scrap Wood
-Table Saw
-Three 3.5″ Screws
-3″ Sawtooth Hanger
How to make it:
-Attach the scrap wood to one of the wood rounds using screws (don’t screw all the way through the round) so that the wood can sit flat against the fence on the table saw. And so that you will be cutting with the grain. (See Image 1)
-Measure to the center of the circle and set the fence to that measurement. Cut the wood down the center.
-Take the piece of round not attached to the scrap wood and place it on top of the full round piece.
-Measure to make sure it is centered on the board and draw line along the bottom of each side of the board. (See Image 2)
-Remove half-round board and measure to the center of the lines you made on the full round – make a mark at the center of the two lines at 4.25″, 8.75″, 13.25″. (See Image 3)
-Measure to the center along the flat side of the half round at the same points: 4.25″, 8.75″, 13.25″.
-Predrill the half round at each of those marks using a drill bit slightly smaller than the screws you plan on using. (See Image 4)
-Drill holes through each of the marks on the full round board using the same drill bit. (See Image 5)
-Line up holes and screw boards together
-Center the sawtooth hanger on the upper, backside of your shelf and use hammer to secure. (See Image 6)
xo. Caitlin

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