DIY Chevron Necklace

DIY Wooden Chevron Necklace @themerrythought
For our family Christmas, we do “crafty/thrifty” Christmas.  We draw names and you’re supposed to try to craft or thrift for your person as much as you’re able to.  Some of us stick to this a little better than others (ahem – dad!  Although secretly everyone is hoping dad gets their name because then he’ll buy you something fabulous from your list! 😉 ). This year I had Marla as my Christmas person to craft/thrift for (there may or may not have been some cheating – Marla & I both had each other…hmmm).  One of the things on her list was a chevron necklace so I decided I would craft one up for her. I loved how it turned out and decided I should probably make one for myself too.  My favorite thing about this necklace – it’s two sided, so I get two necklaces from one.
DIY Wooden Chevron Necklace @themerrythought
DIY Wooden Chevron Necklace @themerrythought
What you need:

  • 1/16-inch sheet of birch plywood (I got mine at Michaels – use those coupons!)
  • wood veneer (look for wood veneer samples to get a variety for cheaper)
  • scissors
  • super glue
  • clamps (or something heavy)
  • pencil + ruler
  • drill bit
  • necklace chain*
  • jump rings (make sure they are big enough to fit through both the chain and the wood chevron)
  • needle nose pliers
  • sand paper
  • paint + paint brushes

How to do it:

Chevron Necklace1

    • Cut your two pieces of wood to size. I knew I wanted my chevron shape to be about 3 inches long and about 1/2 inch wide, so I cut my wood into a rectangle a little bigger than that.
    • Super glue the two pieces together.

Chevron Necklace2

      • Once glued, put the glued piece in a clamp (I put mine in-between two chunks of wood, lined with wax paper, and then clamped the pieces of wood) – or set it under something very heavy, until the glue is dry and set, about 15-20 minutes.
      • Using a ruler & pencil, measure out and draw your chevron shape.

Chevron Necklace3

        • Cut shape out and lightly sand smooth any rough edges.

Chevron Necklace4

        • Using a small drill bit (or something else that can make a small hole), make two holes where the jump rings will be.
        • Paint desired shapes/colors on wood.

Chevron Necklace5

      • Cut the necklace chain to size using the needle nose pliers.
      • Use the pliers to attach the jump rings to both the necklace chain and your chevron piece.

* I made my necklace chain long enough to slip over my head. If yours will not be that long you will need to use a clasp.

You can make this just using the one piece of wood if you’d like. The necklace will be pretty thin and might break easily though.
DIY Wooden Chevron Necklace @themerrythought
DIY Wooden Chevron Necklace @themerrythought
Yes, my necklaces are sitting pretty on a snow bank…so much snow and coldness here right now. I tried getting some photos while wearing the necklace but the wind chill was -8 and I was freezing and the snow and the wind were too much! Those will have to come at a later date…

Enjoy your weekend! Manda

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